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10 Years Anniversary
HealthCare California Home Health Agency Fresno
October 6, 2015


Dr. Harry G. Harris, President of HealthCare California, a Fresno-based health care company, has been invited to lecture at The American College of Greece in Athens on October 8, 2015.  He will speak on entrepreneurship and interpersonal networking issues at a special colloquium.

During the visit, Dr. Harris will also meet and interact with faculty, students and other members of the College community.

Dr. Thimios Zaharopoulos, Provost, stated: "We are pleased Dr. Harris has once again accepted our invitation to lecture.   His previous visits to the College have been met with great enthusiasm and interest.  Dr. Harris has a distinguished and well-recognized career including exceptional service in government, academia and as an entrepreneur in the private sector.  With extensive global experience, he continues to share his successful entrepreneurial ventures and management strategies.  We know Dr. Harris' presentation will be an occasion to have an enhanced understanding of entrepreneurial and other challenges as they relate to contemporary Greece and its citizens."

The American College of Greece was founded in Smyrna, Asia Minor, in 1875.  The College is the oldest and largest United States accredited college or university in Europe.  There is a strategic alliance with ALBA Graduate Business School in Athens.  For 140 years, the College has been offering transformative education and cultivating a fertile intellectual and cultural collaboration between Greece and the United States.

Devin S. Nugent

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