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10 Years Anniversary
HealthCare California Home Health Agency Fresno
June 2, 2016


Dear Friends,

Today, HealthCare California proudly celebrates its twelfth anniversary of incorporation and service to the residents in central California. I wish to express my profound thanks to our many health care referral sources, employees, vendors and other partners. The company continues to receive outstanding accolades and recognition by national, regional and local organizations for its excellence in providing timely home health services. Dedicated health care clinicians remain readily available to provide exceptional services to our patients and nurse them to a rapid recovery.

HealthCare California has achieved rapid growth and many successes during the last twelve years. An outstanding team of health care professionals and dedicated administrative staff has made these achievements possible. We all have worked diligently to ensure each patient receives first-rate health care. In addition, we thank our many health care referral sources in central California who have selected our company as partners in providing superb and timely care for their patients.

As we continue our second decade of service, we will continue working tirelessly to build a stronger enterprise to sustain our excellence within a dynamic national health care system. The company continues to be reassured by scores of compliments from patients and their families.

Please follow us on social media including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Again, thanks to our team members and many others who have significantly contributed to HealthCare California's successes.

With warmest regards,

Harry G. Harris, Ph.D.
President and Founder

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