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10 Years Anniversary
HealthCare California Home Health Agency Fresno
May 7, 2015


This afternoon, Dr. Harry G. Harris, President of HealthCare California, a Fresno-based health care company, departed Cairo, Egypt at the completion of a successful three-day program on entrepreneurship and private sector development.  He had been invited by the United States of America Embassy in Cairo, Egypt to participate in its Public Diplomacy program.

During his visit, Dr. Harris made presentations on entrepreneurship and networking issues to private sector Egyptian enterprises, public institutions and universities.

His participation in the Embassy's program contributed to enhancing American-Egyptian relations and strengthening the bonds of friendship between the United States and Egypt.  Dr. Harris' extensive professional career in government, academia and the private sector provided an occasion for assessments on society and the global community.  During his stay, Dr. Harris strongly underscored the necessity of fostering values embracing the free market system and entrepreneurship among Egyptian audiences.

Dr. Harris was selected for the Public Diplomacy program primarily because of his successful business experiences as an entrepreneur in financing and founding HealthCare California.  The company has grown to be the largest home health agency in central California.   In, addition, he has participated in numerous U.S. State Department and Embassy programs in Africa, Europe and other nations worldwide during the last 25 years.

The Department of State's Public Diplomacy program serves to enhance understanding between the United States and other nations in a variety of disciplines and subject areas.

Devin S. Nugent

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